Objection to Project G

Declaration against Saint Seiya Project G (Summary)

We raise objection to the Project G by Akitashoten.
(Link: Read our FAQ about Project G)
The new art style for Saint Seiya Episode G are
too far different from the original's
to accept the new episode as a part of OFFICIAL Seiya.
(Link: Watch the difference in your eyes.)

Therefore, we protest against this project.

(full text is Here.)

Dear Those Concerned and Fans of Mr. Okada (Summary)
First, we don't want to bash Mr. Okada.
We are so sorry for fans of Mr. Okada
and those who are concerned who may be offended by our action.

However, we cannot consider Mr. Okada's Seiya
as the same Seiya created by Mr. Kurumada,
the original creator of Saint Seiya.
Those two's art styles are completely different.
It does not mean that we want to force Mr. Okada
to change his style closer to that of the Mr. Kurumada's.
We simply want Akitashoten, the publisher, to abandon the Project G.

Please think about why we decided to take such an action.
We just love the style of Saint Seiya that we used to read in our past.

NOTE: Any form of harassment against Mr. Okada is strictly prohibited.

Thank you.

(full text is Here.)

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To the direction to perform concrete protest activities.

How to join this movement?
If you agree with our declaration,
please link from your website to the following address.

URL : http://sseg.s27.xrea.com/saintseiya_eg/

Pick up a banner: please download one.
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  • Q : Who is Okada Megumu
    A : A manga writer and artist. His major works are "Nirai Kanai" and "Shadow Skill". "Shadow Skill" was animated in 1988. See here for detail.

  • Q : What is "RED"
    A : A fairly new monthly manga magazine published by Akitashoten. The first issue was published in August, 2002. Main manga of this magazine are
    "Chichinpui!" (script/art: Okada Kazuto)
    "Princess Chuchu" (script: Itou Ikuko & Satou Junichi, art: Shinonome Mizuo)
    "Koikoi 7" (script/art: Morishige)

  • Q : Hmmm, I thought Saint Seiya was published with Shueisha. Why I see the name of different publisher, Akitashoten here?
    A : Hey, that is something WE want to know the answer of. Anyway, Saint Seiya by Kurumada was published by Shueisha, but Saint Seiya Episode G will be released from Akitashoten.

  • Q : Will Kurumada Masami write the story?
    A : The official information currently released is not enough to judge. According to the official release, the credit were Gensaku: Kurumada Masami and Manga: Okada Megumu. The Japanese word "Gensaku" could mean both "script" and "based upon". Also, "Manga" could mean both "art" and "art and script". All we can confirm is Okada Megumu will be in charge of Manga, nothing more or less.

  • Q : What? Is that mean that Kurumada Masami has been retired from manga business?
    A : No. He has released several works from several different publishers since he finished Seiya. Currently, he is working on "Ring ni Kakero 2", a sequel to one of his major works, "Ring ni Kakero". "R2" is serialized on Super Jump, a manga magazine from Shueisha.

  • Q : So, how you fans in Japan are reacting to this.
    A : Various. Some are really looking forward to it, some are down right rejecting it, some are plainly accepting it, some are just ignoring it, and some don't even notice it due to change of publisher. In short, we are in the middle of chaos.
    Out of those different reactions, the founders of this site are the ones who don't want to see Episode G by Okada Megumu regardless the reasons.

  • Q : How can I read Episode G?
    A : Just pray your anime store or comic book store to be handling RED. I think looking for some online stores handling RED would be a good idea.

  • Q : Will you show us Episode G on your site?
    A : No. If we do, we are violating copyright.

  • Q : Will you make me a copy of Seiya Anime? Or will you upload Seiya Anime on your site?
    A : No. If we do, we are violating copyright. We strongly suggest you to buy the official DVD or video.
    Besides, this site is for protesting Episode G, not a Seiya related database. If you seek for Seiya related stuffs, please seek other website.

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