Declaration against Saint Seiya Project G (Full text)


We, fans of Saint Seiya, have truly loved and supported
this original works created by Mr. Kurumada Masami.
We have loved the original style of Seiya
since it was issued for the very first time.
We also enjoyed many works based upon Seiya,
both in official and unofficial forms
because they kept Mr. Kurumada's style.

Now, the new story of Seiya,
"Saint Seiya Episode G ",
was revealed as a part of the "Project G" by Akitashoten,
a publishing company.
Many of us hoped that it is the untold stories of Gold Saints,
the stories Mr. Kurumada once planned to write and draw himself.
However, the plan never went beyond planning stage.
So, we were glad to be able to read Seiya again
and were going to support Episode G.

Yet, we were so shocked once we saw the Episode G.
Mr. Okada Megumu was the artist
and the possible writer for the Episode G.
It was completely different from Mr. Kurumada's original Seiya
in its style.
More precisely, Mr. Okada's art style belong to different types
of art style from that of Mr. Kurumada.
(Link: Watch the difference in your eyes.
The top is the original Seiya and the next is Mr. Okada's.)
Because the Episode G lacks the style of the origin,
we are so confused, deep in sorrow, and even indignant about the Project G.

Therefore, we raise objection to this Project G.

Dear Those Concerned and Fans of Mr. Okada (Full text)
First, we, the participants of this movement,
have no grudge against Mr. Okada.
We fully understand and deeply regret to the fact
that this movement could be seen as unjust criticism
for Mr. Okada himself and his other works.
We don't ask for your forgiveness for our action.

However, for those fans decided to join this movement,
the works of Episode G done by Mr. Okada were so far
from Kurumada's Seiya,which we've loved for a long time.
(Mr. Okada has drawn a full colored pin-up and a black and white work as preview page for the issue released on 11/19, eight page, fully colored prologue and two black and white teaser pages for the issue released on 12/19 of Champion RED. )
Mr. Okada and Mr. Kurumada have completely different styles of art
except that they both belong to Manga style.
We can hardly consider Mr. Okada's works as
an OFFICIAL Seiya manga,
regardless of our preferences about the art style.

Mr. Okada has stated that he is ready to sacrifice everything,
including his future careers as a Manga artist,
in order to create Episode G.
Now, we are deeply moved with his determination.

If he is to make his style and images of Seiya
closer to those of Mr. Kurumada's,
which we are familiar as official Seiya,
this must be a great loss to an artist, Mr. Okada,
who has already established his own art style.

Even if he creates an official prequel to Seiya
with sacrificing his originality,
it would give grief to his fans,
which love and wait for his original works.

Those are the reason why we protest against Saint Seiya Episode G.

Thank you.

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